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  • She Said.
    She said Always to try hard It’s okay to be embarrassed  Than staying with guilt of no attempt It’s okay to think of the mistake Than not to try again It’s okay to struggle in learning Than to be on bed lazy It’s okay to start small Than laughing atContinue reading “She Said.”
  • It’s all what you have!
    Shower them with your joyFor it’s all to spread byShower them with your knowledgeFor it’s all to share byShower them with your sweetnessFor it’s all to feel byShower them with your unique nessAs they all need to know it whyShower them with your loyaltiesFor it’s all the world needs highShowerContinue reading “It’s all what you have!”
  • The So- called Principles💁
    Today, let me talk about the principles we follow moment by moment with due respect, without having a look at the very reason it carries. Okay, so what exactly is the meaning of the ‘Principles’? So, how I came across this meaning and understanding was on my own, to beContinue reading “The So- called Principles💁”
  • She is connected 💟
    She is connectedFrom the veins to the heartFrom the rise to the darkFrom the love and the careThat never fell apartFrom every time that I wroteI wondered how pure you areHow forgivingAnd believing And all the way, lovingFrom the moon to the starOh, mum, What kind of Human you are?BeingContinue reading “She is connected 💟”
  • Take it easy!
    When it bothers,Take it easyWhen it doesn’tTake it easyWhen it’s downfallTake it easyWhen it’s notTake it easyTake it easy, when it’s not going easyTake it easy , even when it’s going easyBalance of your emotional state Reflects your vibe to the worldWhich reflects back upon youthe same energy that youContinue reading “Take it easy!”
  • For her❤️
    Instagram handle 👉@scribblerz_flame_🧚
  • The Companion❤️
    The only person,Who’ll always be with youIs YOU!When in need,Let you, help youWhen confusedLet you sort it for youWhen question arisesLet you, answer youWhen in joyLet you, laugh with youWhen being sadLet you, cry with youWhen being numbLet you, just sit with youWhen seeking for someone betterLet you, be theContinue reading “The Companion❤️”
  • You are exactly, where you are!
    It’s everything exactly everywhere, Your eyes need to perceive itRight behind you is the past, learn from itRight in front of you is the faith you believe inRight beside you are the supporters, you live withRight beneath you is your ego, bury itRight above you, is your dreams coming true,Continue reading “You are exactly, where you are!”
  • You, in my ink!
    Thinking on youNever to spell it through inkMay draw your face, withinBut never shared the screenIt’s a copy printCause the real youIs in you withinTo whom, I can’t touch or meetJust feel withinA memory, you areNot less than a dreamI want me to be the sameCan’t bear to miss youInContinue reading “You, in my ink!”
  • Faith
    Believe. Hope. Aspire.Everything around you will disappear,Once you are gone.Believe in the way you breathe.Hope, that every day is the day you’ll ‘live’Aspire, the way you’ve hoped and believed Let this optimism surround the vision you’ve always wanted but never seenLet your eyelids blink more to make it believeAnd NotContinue reading “Faith”